Minute Man Foundation

The Minute Man Foundation

Minute Man FlagThe mission, duty and purpose of The 501-c-3 Not-for-Profit Minute Man Foundation is to provide qualified U.S. military veterans of all branches of service access to low to no cost hospitality licensing and franchising opportunities to support our objective of creating more VETREPRENEURSveteran owned and operated small businesses, across the United States.  

As the nation continues to reintegrate veterans who have spent much of their careers at war and in the service of their country, a great deal of focus continues to be placed on veteran unemployment numbers, which, while falling, continues to remain higher than in the civilian workforce.  But there are a growing group of veterans who aren’t looking for jobs. Rather, they are looking to create them.

According to the most recent data, veteran-owned firms employ 5.8 million individuals. A recent Small Business Administration study found that military veterans are 45 percent more likely to be self-employed than people with no military experience. In fact, current census data confirms that at least 2.7 million U.S. businesses today are veteran-owned, but experts say the number could very well be twice that amount.

This is not a new phenomenon. For many years, military veterans have become entrepreneurs at a much higher rate than non-veterans. According to a Syracuse University study, a whopping 49% of World War II veterans went on to own or operate their own businesses and in the modern era, the spirit of veteran entrepreneurship that spawned the likes of Walmart, Federal Express, ReMax Realtors, GoDaddy, and USAA is alive and well.

Minute Man Serves VeteransThis latest vet-centric entrepreneurship movement spreading across America has even spawned a new title, “Vetrepreneur.”  Committed to practically applying the lessons learned from the military to business, todays veteran entrepreneurs are transforming the marketplace by channeling the discipline, savvy, and courage learned during their time in service to undertake bold new business pursuits.

And our nation is a better place for it.

Though success in industry is never guaranteed for anyone, we at the Minute Man Foundation are convinced that America’s history is all the richer for the scores of veterans who have chosen to channel their talent and passion into becoming a Vetrepreneur. Men and women whose desire to give the best of themselves in service to an idea, mission or cause larger than themselves are confirming that the invaluable skills of leadership, teamwork, disciplined execution, and relentless professionalism helps form a strong foundation for veterans to succeed as business owners.

Service Is Our Strength at Minute ManTo this end, it is our focus at the Minute Man Foundation to facilitate the transition and expand the opportunities for those service men and women who are committed to becoming Vetrepreneurs. Specifically, we are intent on leveraging our iconic 73-year-old hospitality brand to facilitate veterans’ access to the knowledge, tools, equipment, and technology required to operate mobile and small store front Minute Man food service locations at low to no cost via our Minute Man Foundation Veteran Micro-business mentorship and ownership program.

NOTE: The Minute Man Foundation is formally recognized by the IRS as a tax deductible organization.